What documents are to be shown at point of entry by visitor on B1/B2 visa?


I have B1/B2 visa which was issued by my previous company. Now i am going to US as visitor using same visa. I am going with my friend who is on business trip to New york. So i will be staying with him in accomodation provided by his company. And then we plan to visit our friend who is in Chicago.
So what documents i need to show at point of entry?

  1. Hotel booking will be in his name. Do i need to carry copy of same booking and show if asked?

  2. Since we are arriving at New York and then visiting friend at Chicago. Do i need to clarify this at point of entry so that i can visit cities outside New york?

  3. Is travel insurance mandatory ?

Any documentation that can help the officer at POE get idea of your stay, would help.

  1. It does not hurt to carry it.

  2. Well, unless asked, you do not need to explicity mention.

  3. It is recommended to have health insurance during travel, not sure what you mean by travel insurance.

Hello dear plz guide me that I submit the application for b1/b2 visa plz tell after confirmation the application .what is the next step plz explain me in my email soon waiting your teply