What documents are primarily needed to prove Petitioner's Domicile?

I would be very grateful if someone could share his/her experience who has gone through "Domicile issue.

My visa category is IR-1 I had been interviewed in Islamabad Pakistan in December 2019 . My visa was refused and I was asked to show petitioner’s domicile. I would like to know if someone was sent in Administrative Processing because of the same reason kindly share your experience.

  • When were you interviewed?

  • How long have you been in Administrative Processing?

  • What documents did you provide them?

  • Did you only upload the documents or send them too?

  • How long were you in AP and finally got the visa?

My wife is the Petitioner, she was dependent upon her parents before marriage. So she had no any bank account, lease papers, and tax return. But My wife and my one-year old son are moving back to the USA in February to maintain domicile.

Will these documents be enough or I have to provide more? How much time does this normally take to be resolved?

1 - Tickets, Boarding Pass

2- Bank Account

3- State ID

4- Voter Registration

5- Accommodation Confirmation Letter signed by Petitioner’s sister

Your practical experience and advice will be appreciative.