what courses to do to get cpt/opt

Hi , I am an In-state resident in US and my status currently is L2 EAD, but from Oct. 1 it will change to H4 . I have already done my MBA from India , so what are the courses that I can pursue in order to be eligible for OPT . Do certification /short term courses also give OPT ?

To get CPT you need to be enrolled full time in a program ( Online courses are not allowed.)

You heed to be on F1 Visa.

You have to finish atleast two semesters to be eligible for CPT ( which comes to 9 months)

The CPT needs to be in the feild of your study.

Colleges offering CPT from first day are fake colleges - It has resulted in deportation of students ( search Tri-valley scam)

Certification and short term courses do not give CPT/OPT.