What are the mandatory documents for filing LCA?


My employer is in the process of filing H1B petition this year, mostly on Apr 1st. However its taking some time to get Client letters, we are expecting them early last week of March. If we wait for client letters and then file LCA, we may not be able to make it on Apr 1st.

So, the question I have is what are the required documents from an employer and employee to file a LCA? Are client letters required/mandatory to file LCA?



They are not required for the LCA purpose. However, LCA contains the location which is usually client’s location. In that way, you need to know at least the client location for the LCA purpose.

Thanks for the response. We are aware of client location.

Then they can go ahead and file the LCA. And get te client letter by the time H-1 is filed in April.