What are the job prospects in India after doing MS in Mfg Engg/Ind Engg?

Plz answer question for 2 possible situations 1) I complete MS in Mfg Engg or Ind Engg and do not do job in USA & return to India.(I have 1yr experience in automobile industry as trainee engineer) 2)After completion of MS, I work in USA for few years say 8-10 yrs & then return to India 3) With MS degree in hand, Will I be always open to take suitable job in international market anytime in my career? Will American MS degree prove to be advantageous?


Check this article  [Jobs in India after MS in USA ](http://redbus2us.com/jobs-in-india-after-ms-in-usa-job-opportunities-and-prospects-after-ms-or-mba/)

To you questions

1. It is not recommended as you would have little experience.

2. It is a better idea, you can find a job easily

3. It could provide advantages, depending on how you position it. I cannot speak for every country, but it can make a difference, when you are in early stages of career.