What are the Different Full time MS courses available in Usa for ECE?


I am Sravan from India, am in the B.tech (UG) program 3 year.I want to obtain a foreign degree and that too in USA. Because am quite fascinated by the Educational system there. I am currently in the 3rd year of ECE (Electronis and Communication Engineering) Course.which is Due completion by 2016. It would be very helpful to me if any of you guys can give me the information about different courses available and the best in them (considering Job and future prospects). If any one is from ECE backgroud please mention it so that i can take your help directly

Thank U.

i am intrested in Wireless,mobile Technology,etc


You need to your own research and identify, we do not advise on schools. There are many websites that talk about research and rankings of school. Just use Google ! You have enough time to plan and prepare, plan it accordingly. We have many articles around admission on the blog. do check out. Before that check out What you want to study and why you want to study by reading article on Decide MS or MBA in USA