What are the chances of H1B VISA extension

I have got H1b VISA in Feb 2013 but it is valid for one year only which i was expecting for 3 years.

Question : Presently i am staying in US and doing well but i am little worried about my H1 Visa extension since i want to call my wife leaving her existing job in India. Is it wise to wait till i get the extension of my H1 VISA then take a decission to quit my wife job in India or chances of getting VISA extension is higher so i can take a risk of asking her to quit job and come to US immediately in July 2013.

Please advise what are the chances of getting VISA extension rejected since i had a LCA for 3 years with client company but got VISA for one year only.

Chances of extension approval depends upon what kind of documents and information is submitted to USCIS.

Are you working for a consulting firm? If yes, then what was the duration mentioned in the submitted client/project letter?

If you don’t get extension w/ this company, then you also have the option of changing employers instead of going back to home country.