What are the chances of a Writer to get a US work visa?

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I am a writer with more than 2 years of professional work experience. I write about technology stuff like the newly launched gadgets, apps, smartphone reviews, news reporting, etc. As most of the tech stuff happen in the US and almost all the leading tech websites are American, I wanted to work for them. But I am not really whether a writer will get a US work visa? Is it a profile for which an employer would like file an H1B visa application and if he does, what are chances of it getting approved by Amerian consulate?

Any help and guidance would be appreciated.

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It depends on the field, depth of writing and technical expertise you bring to the table. H-1B requires 4 year professional college degree. If you have that, it should be alright to apply.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, hopehumanityATgmailDOTcom

Hi SShankar,

I would like to thank you for replying to my answer. I have completed my B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering and I’m currently working for an Italy based tech website. In past, I’ve even worked for India’s #1 tech website Digit.in.

While your answer seems to be positive and optimistic, I have heard that you need to have your qualification and job profile matching. Is it like a hardcore rule or it can be exempted?

Thank you once again for the reply :slight_smile:

Matching qualification with job profile requires attention to detail - you are a technical writer with a technical background, it should not be difficult to argue your case. Proof is required as to why you are better suited for the job, emphasizing your international origin will be helpful.