What are the chances for the resubmission of petition to be approved?



For one of my friend, the petition has been filed by the employer on 5th Aug 2011 for H1B 2011-2012 quota. He got RFE on 1/20/2012 with the query that "Can ECE candidate eligible for IT job in US?". The response has been submitted in 15 days time of the RFE. On July 11th, the petition status has been updated with the denial decision. The employer has re-sbumitted the petition, but not sure, if it is a fresh petition or re-submission of the same. 


What are the chances for this petition to be approved?


Once the petition is denied, the chances for re-approval are almost zero. Most of the attorneys and consulting companies don’t even bother about the denied petitions, unless they have a very strong case. Most of the companies are scared to touch the denied petitions as it is like questionning the authority of the USCIS, they are afraird of their other Visa denials. There are some desi consultants who tried to go back on denied applications. This lead to black listing of their consulting firms.

Chances are that your friends employer resubmitted in the new quota. Check with the employer on which years quota he/she submitted your friends petition.