What are the best short term courses to pursue in Phoenix and university?


I Am a H4 visa holder and moved to USA 5 months back. I have 3 years bachelores degree(B.com) and 3.8 yrs work experience in India

Could you please let me know the short term courses that I can pursue with minimum cost in Phoenix, Arizona and what are the chances of getting job or getting sponsers to convert to H1B.

Is there any value if we study course in online? Should I complete a year staying in the same place to pursue education?

kindly drop your answers at the earliest.

Please help!!!

only certain %age online courses are available rest you need to attend in class - this is if you would like to move to OPT. Try to get degree in hich you want to work or H1B will be difficult to approve e.g. biotech - bio tech degree

To add, if you plan to work on OPT and reap the full benefits, it is better to get admission in a school and enroll full time on F1 visa. You will not get any benefits to work with short term courses…Alternatively, you can try to pursue options at Universities, where they may have H1B Cap exempt positions…