What are my chances of getting a H1b approved if applied in June

I am a soon to graduate Master’s student (Will be graduating in May). I have got a job offer and my joining date is in June. My employer says that they are going to apply for my H1b after I join for the new H1b 2015 cap. my opt starts on 1 june.

My questions are

  1. What are my chances of getting a h1b if my employer applies in June?

  2. I am aware that I can extend my OPT after one year and apply for next H1b2016 cap. My concern is that what are the chances that my application will loose in the lottery . Since that would be last chance of applying for h1b, missing it would mean I have to leave the country

  3. Based on your experience, what would you say that the chances of loosing a lottery for a STEM student’s application is? high or very low?

Sorry I know these are little bit vague questions but I am really concerned about my future prospects, so please advice

Thank you

  1. Applications may close soon before april 5

  2. U must apply ASAP before april 5, else u need to wait till next year

  3. It depends on number of applications… 20k is masters quota