What are my chances for a B2 visa?

Hi, I’m a student currently studying in Dubai for 6 months but applying from Saudi Arabia because appointment wait time was sooner in Saudi. I have permanent residence in Saudi with family too.

I’ve previously studied in UK for 3 years and returned at the end of visa without overstaying.

I’m not employed and the person sponsoring for my trip is my parent who also lives in Saudi (Need an affidavit of support)?

I’ve mentioned travel dates to US and stay shall be of 10 days only. I’ve also booked a hotel and mentioned too. All cancellable though.(Will this be asked in interview?)


You are travelling from a Middle East country. Your purpose of visit will be questioned if you are a male between the age of 18 through 55. Make sure you have documents ready to explain reasons for your travel.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80236. www.chu.edu; sshankar@chu.edu