What all I need to submit for evidence pertaining to qualifications

Hi I got an RFE to submit evidence for my qualification as I had completed electronics & Bio medical engg but I have been working as developer in Java technology for past 4 years (now a lead) and RFE is to know the ladder of growth. What all you think I should submit get my RFE through. I have my different courses studied during btech related to computer and projects and all ready and also job roles and responsibilities ready? What more can I give.?

You need to provide the supporting documents for your computer graduation and for your field switch over.

  1. Computer course certificates
  2. Company provided traning programme certificates.

Will help you.



Thanks Vivek. But I havent done any computer graduation but I do have training certificates from company. I joined as a fresher after my B-tech in electronics & Biomedical Engineering degree directly and my experience in company is the only reference