Was on H1-B and working in the US but came to India for a job. Now I want to go back - is my H1-B still valid?

I was on a H1B visa which I got in 2014. However, due to what I thought was an attractive job offer, I returned to India last month. On joining, I find the culture in this company to be very different from what was told to me and a lot of what was promised to me is not the reality.

In spite of it being a big setback, I feel like I want to go back.

Will my H1B still be valid (On the visa itself the validity is for another 2 years)? Or will I have to go through the entire lottery system again?

I.e., if I get a job in the US tomorrow, can I just get up and leave?

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If you get another job you can request and transfer and come back. I believe you wont have to go through lottery for 6 years from start date