Want to stay on L1 after H1 approved

Hi Saurabh,

I came to US on L1B and my husband on L2. As my current employer mentioned that its short term Project, i have applied for H1 with anotehr employer. I even filled i-539 for my husband and son ( is this COS ?).

Now my husband also got job on L2 (through EAD). and i want to continue on L1.

But my second employer just informed me that my H1B got approved.

I just want to continue on L1. I recently went to india in May 2013 on L1.

What should i do now ?

Please guide me.

M y recent visit to india has caused my I-539 denied. Should i need to travel to India and get H1 stamped.

or Can i apply I-290B or file a motion ?

Please reply…