Want to know if status was violated


I completed my full-time Masters in the US in 2010. Unfortunately, I did not get employment in my field of study and worked at odd jobs in the US during my OPT period. I left the US before my visa expired.

I want to know if this will work against me if I try to re-enter the US for a second Masters (which I am planning to do). I did not file tax returns during my OPT period.

I read in one of your posts that one has to find OPT within 2 months of the stipulated period or it gets cancelled. What does this mean?




Did you report the same to your international advisor during your OPT period ? OPT is supposed to be used to work in your field of study. If you could not find a job in your field of study for 90 days, you need to leave the country or it will be counted as out of status. You can read all the FAQs here : While You Are On Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (F-1 Students) | International Center

Regarding your question, I do not know, if it will impact or not as you have been outside of US for few years now…I would suggest you talk to an attorney or reach out to an International Student advisor at the school you plan to apply to,.