Want to know H1B Visa location dependency


My H1B visa is filed on 17th April for xyz location. But till the time i get VISA , our project will not have requirments at this location.

SO incase i am going to some other location ‘abc’ , do i need to get H1B transfered to the new location ‘abc’ ? Is that complex? Also how much time it takes usually?

Thanks in advance.

Your LCA needs to be approved each time you work on a different location than the one mentioned in the LCA>
Similarly you need to do H1B amendment.
Any deviation from this rule will have an impact, when you go for H1B stamping, and future approval or GC application.

You need to get a new LCA certified for your new location and get your H1B petition amended.

The LCA certification process will take around 7 business days and another 10 days during which this new LCA is displayed at the client location. After which you may apply for H1B amendment. The amendment process could take as low as couple of weeks to few months time.