Want to apply for F2 after 3 rejections

Mine is a little complicated and sad story. To keep it simple i will try to ask my question in short as possible.

-My first F1 got rejected in Aug 2012 for low gmat score.

-I got married in jan 2013 and applied for F2 in february and got rejected saying my Wife has to be working full time or she must be on H1(She was working as a lab assistant at her univ and was on F1).

-My wife got a full time job on july 2013(started working on CPT) and i went for F2 again on september. This time shes on OPT. VO asked only 4 questions(purpose of travel,univ of my wife,what do u do,OPT valid till) and rejected again saying she has to be on H1.

My problem now here is, I cannot wait till 2014 october for my wife to get her H1B. Can I try to change my consulate and explain better as i badly want to live with my wife(Its really a fact we both are dissapointed since a year as we cannot live together).

And one more unclarified doubt is, she has got only 2 years F1 visa which expired on may 2013. But she has valid OPT till Aug 2014. Will this affect in anyway if i again go to F2 visa?

Any suggestions and help is very much appreciated.


U can try in Chennai Consulate or any other different Consulate and explain the same of not being together… Still it will be discretion of VO, U can give a try

But dont you think her expired travel visa would affect my visa in any way? Inspite of having a valid OPT

If it gets rejected again, what are my next options or hopes?

U can just give a try… If not last option is only H4…

I don’t see many options here, except to go for another F-2 (chances of rejection are high based on previous 2 denials), or wait for H-4 visa.

Thank you Saurabh ji, hmmm may be i shall wait till she gets her H1B, But I have another question for you.
I may get an employer this year to file H1B for me aswell. Will my previous rejections impact my H1B process? and also is it possible to go for H4 visa while H1B is in processing?

Usually they don’t impact as long as the rejection wasn’t due to submission of false/fraud documents/information.