waiting for rfe approval.. documents recieved on OCT 28 2015, rfe date July 28..who all in boat?

how much time will it take to get the approval? rfe date july 28 and response received date is oct 28 2015.

How many are with me in the sameboat ? generally how much time will it take to get the approval.

I am in the same boat. I received RFE on June 29, RFE response sent on October 14th. I am still waiting for the approval. Usually it takes 15 days to max 6 months for RFE response to get approved

Regular processing can take more time, don’t expect something soon. If you have urgent need convert it to premium.

I am waiting for the same with OCT 29th response sent but it is premium processing.

Who is the Employer…?

I am in the same boat. I replied to rfe and it reached uscis on august 28 and no update since then. Raised a ticket now and waiting for the reply. Please let me know if you get your approval. Which center is it for you?

Did your case got approved now??

Are your cases approved now? In the same boat till now. Or should we leave it now , its more than one and half year.