Wage Level 1, 221g


I’m currently on OPT with H1B picked during 2020 lottery for consular processing - MS in mechanical engineering. I have a drop-box appointment next month. I’m leading the transition from obsolete methods of design calculations to advanced computer simulations (FEA/CFD). My wage level is 1 (max amount) and I’m working with the same employer (FTE, direct hire) for 2.5 years. The pay is on the lower end due to very low COL location and a mid-sized company. Would this result in a straight denial? How can I avoid a 221g during visa drop-box with interview waiver? Should I abort consular appointment and would a change of status be of any advantage? I’m quite tensed, especially that I have myocarditis after covid vaccine.

Thank you.

Not really, at least not due to wage as DOL & USCIS approved LCA and H1B petition based on your position, salary, role and qualifications.

There is no magic wand or spell that I know of that will help you avoid 221g :slight_smile: You may never get one, so just be positive.

You can opt for change of status with premium processing however you may travel outside the US at some point in time and will need to go for visa stamping so I guess it is more of a ‘now or in future’, something you need to decide.

Thank you Kalpesh, staying positive.