VO asked" Why mumbai when Hyderabad is nearest to you "

first attempt in mumbai rejected

VO " Why you here when hyderabad is nearest to you "

i thought in hyderabad visa are stamping very less so let go for mumbai but rejected

what do you think guys

now where i have to book the date mumbai or hyderabad

If i go for hyderabad now then they will ask me what is the reason of rejection next time …

dont know what to do guys

please please suggest me please

help me guys

Did the VO really asked why you are appearing in Mumbai when Hyd is closer to your place? What was the denial reason?

You can appear at any consulate and could cite personal reasons for this. You should never say that you are picking a consulate b/c it has lower chances of denials. Any visa stamping can run into issues at any of the consulates.