visitor visa


My son completed MS in Indl.Engg. in 2012. He had applied for H1b in April 2014 and April 2015 from a consultancy company. Both were denied. He is now doing an on-line course till Jan 2017 with CPT with another consultancy. I intend to visit him in April 2016 for 4 months. I have a different relative who will sponsor my visit. I have sufficient property and income in India, and will bear the entire expenses myself. Will I have any difficulty in obtaining the visitor visa. Thank you.

You will be asked who in the family lives in the US and this must be answered truthfully on the DS160. I expect a question on what your son is presently doing in the US - state his technical qualifications, where he is working and the course of study he is presently pursuing. A parent wanting to visit a child is not placed under ‘need more evidence’ category most of the time. Please make sure you carry international health insurance.