Visa status for international students

I am pursuing my MBA from Nashville, Tennessee and I am an international student here as I am on H4 visa here. Now I am having some troubles as my university do not sponsor F1 visa for MBA program and I am not legally allowed to do work here. In this situation I do not know that what should I do further as I took admission in college for studies so I can get F1 visa and can do work here.

Could you please suggest me that how should I proceed further so I can do work and if is there any option available for me as any company to which I contact they ask for either CPT or H1 visa but I don’t have both at this time?

Well, If the university does not offer F1 Visa status, your logical step would be to find a school that can help you do that. You can use SEVP F1 Visa School Search tool to find such schools. Then, apply to such school and get admission, you may directly go and speak to them to avoid delays. Once you are done with that, now you can transfer the courses you have taken at current school to the new school. All courses may not be transfered as they may be dependent on many factors. Speak to the DSO at the new school on the regulations at schools on working like when can you start CPT and if you can use pre-completion OPT as well. I suggest you clarify all these details before you take admission.