Visa Stamping with two valid H1 Petition

My Visa end date: Sep 2015

My I-94 expiry date: March 2016

Planned travel date: Nov 2015

Planned visa stamping: Nov 2015

My employer already applied for Visa extension in PP. If I get the extension for another year till 2017. I planned to go for stamping on Nov 2015. When I go for stamping with the new approved petition what would be my visa issue date? Will it be Nov 2015 or petition start date?

Is there any chance for me to get the visa issue date as my new petition start date, for example if the petition start date is April 2016. Is there any chance for me to get the the visa issue date as April 2016.

It completely depends on your petition and Interviewer’s decision.

this too completely depends…you can’t predict