Visa Stamping in Mexico/canada - H1b to H4 - H1b

Hi there,

I was considering coming to Mexico for visa stamping but have sort of an edge case.


I have an approved I140 and this is not my first time stamping.

Here is my situation:

I was on H1b for for my company that H1b was expiring April26th

My company applied for extension but the first extension got denied because of some mistake in the position made by the lawyers

This denial came close to April 26th. So to be safe, (before April 26th) we applied for H4 and the lawyers also refiled H1b. And Incontinued working on the receipt past April 26

Now since we had applied for H1b(not premium processing) and H4, the H4 got approved first and I stopped working on the same day. And my company then filed for premium processing for H1b which got approved in 2 weeks, after which I resumed work.

Now I wanted to understand if given that I went from H1b to H4(for ~2 weeks) and then back to H1b (same company) can I go to mexico for stamping?