Visa Renewal for F1 - Second Masters

Hi All,

I am currently doing my Second Masters with a reputed university in United States. My classes started by Aug 2020. I entered the US initially for my first Masters by Dec 2015. So my US F1 visa is expiring in the next 2 months on Nov 2nd 2020. I am aware of the fact that I don’t need a visa if I am planning to stay in the United states to maintain my F1 status (i94).

But, I have plans to travel to India around the month of January for personal reasons. I know I have to renew my Visa to enter back into the United States to continue my masters. My question is whether I need to apply for a new Visa Interview in person at a US Consulate in the home country or I can do a dropbox appointment. Here are few more information that may clear some air.

  • My Second masters is not with the same university I did my first one. I did my first Masters in UTA and second Masters is with CU.
  • I am pursuing my CPT when I am doing my course work. My F1 visa expires Nov 2020.

Let me know whether I need to startover and do a Visa Interview or I can do a dropbox?

Thanks and Regards,
Ramji S