Visa not expired , passport needs to be renewed with address change


Appreciate your interest and will to respond on this question

My parents are having a long term US Visa valid for next 2 years, i had few questions regarding same as its important for them to know it before they apply

If there is a change in name spelling in new passport , will the visa on old passport be invalid

If there is a change in address in new passport , will the visa on old passport be invalid

When the authorities in india (customs etc ) check the visa before catching a flight to US see that there is a difference in new and old passport (address or name ) , will they create a problem in travelling or will decline the travel ?

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If a new passport is issued for any reason, any visa issued in old passport still remains valid until its expiration date. The person needs to carry old and new passports when traveling internationally.

It is a common scenario that passport is renewed for whatever reason, but doesn’t result in any issues when leaving/entering US or India.

but that doesnt answer about my address issues

can you please advise me on that too…

No impact of address change on your visa or travel.