VISA for the parents of a H1 Visa holder for longer stay in USA?

Hi All,

I have an H1 visa and make frequent trips to US for ~3 months and then work from India. I want take my mother for my next trip to USA and also because there is a possibility I will have to shift to US.

Which Visa should or I can apply for my mother so that she can stay for the maximum duration. I’m unmarried, does that have any difference?

Also, I do not have a US salary slip since even when I’m travelling the company pays me additional salary through India pay roll. Can that be a disadvantage for my mother’s visa application?

Thanks in advance!

Your mother can apply for only B2 cat visa. There is no other visa that she can apply.

Your not being in USA , not having US salary slips , will be a disadvantage.

It is neither easy nor impossible for yr mother to get visa