Visa appointment cancellation


After paying the MRV fees - I was able to schedule an appointment for my visa stamping in India. Soon realized that it was on November 2023, while I was looking for November/December 2022. Thus I cancelled the appointment - but now when I am trying to book another appointment with the same MRV receipt number - I am unable to do it - it says - “You are approaching the maximum number of times you may view this page. Please complete your transaction at this time”. I thought we can cancel and rebook/reschedule - 5 times.

  1. What does this message mean? Is that an issue?
  2. I cancelled just once - won’t I be able to book it again?
  3. OR should I log in on a different day and try to get an appointment?

Thank you for your help.

Keep trying. Your be should be good for 5 times.

That means…you are viewing too many times in one day. Seems they are restricting users from visiting the site so many times. Just close the browser and try next day. You should be good

you have tried too many times for the same day, try after 24hrs