Virinchi technologies in Hyd reviews

Hi all,i am going to apply H1B in 2014 through Virinchi tech ,they said they are filing by the Ksoft global

as i verified in My visajobs portal for Ksoft it was 2422 rank.

can anyone having any idea about Ksoft or Virinchi tech.


Check for relevant state level registration of company using secretary of state (SOS) website. Example, Colorado SOS can be found by googling Colorado SOS. It will give you a company owner or document filer name. You can research them further. The status should be ‘in good standing’ and not ‘expired’ or ‘dissolved’.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.;


I too am in contact with them… did you find in favorable information about them?



I am also trying to get information about them…i checked in SOS and status is ACTIVE for ksoft systems…if anyone has other info please share

HI I just Google about the same company, found some interesting news that this company is no longer active… the following is the link

Please check provide the link where you had checked that SOS status is ACTIVE For Ksoft Systems … thanks in advance.

Dear Sandeep, Please check the following link the following is the link

It looks like this company is no longer active … please advice … is there any official website to check the correct details. Thanks in advance.

Dear Sandeep, Thank you so much for your quick response and for your valuable time.
I just checked the website and able to find the this company in the list but it is not showing that this company status is active or note… i am assuming that is active as listed in the website … please advise.

They r saying 70-30 % share for employment ,like all other consultancies.
if you don’t have other consultancy in hand better to proceed with them ,i’m going with another one.

hi ,this is praveen i am also going to apply through this company and i am unable to find any reviwes on this whether good or bad.
i just want to know more about this comapny ,baecuase we are going to spend huge amount .plz…respond anyone


from which you are going to apply ,can you share the details with us

thanks in advance

It looks to me the company is reasonably good… Ksoft was acquired by Virinchi in 2005. And as we know virinchi is listed company. Today when spoke to them they were ready to give some references from last year for verification as well.

I also find their terms and conditions tough. like- 70-30 %, no insurance, 10K penalty, etc…

So far, I am positive about this company…please share any kind of info if you have any.

Hi Raju, could you please tell me the another consultancy name?

Dear Saneep/All, Thanks for all your replies.Need your inputs on other things. I heard from some of our friends like 1. We need to be with the initial employer min for 6 months. 2. If we are changing the company the visa need to be changed with the new employer, is risky ? what is the procedure ? 3. let me know if any issues if we change the company. Thanks in advance.

Praveen/aryan,try these consultancies but they do for SAP only

Hi Guys,
I too applied thru this and I received mail from Ksoft about my petition being picked up in lottery and would receive the receipt no. In 10 days. I am just worried on its genuinity and eagerly waiting for the same. Are there anybody in the similar state ?

Hi Star 82,
Even my petition got picked up in the lottery and today I have received a call from ksoft that my petition got approved by uscis.

Hi Petition also got picked in lottery and in review state with uscis. any other folks who got processed the H1B this year with Ksoft ? please mail me sk786bitsgmailcom

Hey Guys,

I am planning to apply H1B through K-soft/Virinchi for 2015-16.
As some of you have already processed thru Ksoft can anyone pls guide whether I should go with this company or not.

Hi, I am also planning file h1B visa through ksoft. Can u pls let me know viswanath Email ID or contact person for H1B in ksoft.


Did you get your stamping successfully ?