verification again after USCIS reviewed it. Germany Berlin


Last year i went to SIngapore. They sent my case back to USCIS for review after few months USCIS reaffirmed my case and they sent petition back. Now i am working in berlin so i went their. Here Officer asked me few question and then he told he asked me that do you have some document about your employer. I gave him all document then he told we need to do some verification so i am giving you my passport back and we will ask you for your passport if it requires. He has checkmarked that your application requires admin. processing. I do not understand what they might want to verify once USCIS has reaffirmed petition once. I asked him do you require some my document. I went with all document. But he told no.

Should i email to consulate stating that i just want to let you know that USCIS has already reaffirmed my my case ? How much time i may expect in this admin processing ?