Validation error in USCIS for my receipt number start with WAC1614551***

Hi This is Vijay B from CTS.

I have received my receipt notice from my employer in May-2016 first week. But from the day one when I tried to check the case status with my receipt number in USCIS it is showing the below validation error. My teammates and friends who have received receipt number after my date got VISA approved and able to check case status in uscis.

Guys please suggest me is there any chance I got a invalid receipt number. Is there anybody facing the same issue, any idea how to proceed further and get the issue resolved.

I am sacred as it is already more then 2 months and others who have receipt number in my same series WAC1614551*** can able to check status in USCIS and VISA got approved. Thanks.

Hi Vijay,

My receipt number also starts with same series WAC161455****.

I am also facing the same issue.

I am worried and confused too, Not sure , if this issue will be resloved by USCIS.



Hi VIjay,

I am also from CTS and facing the same issue. could you please help how your issue got ressolved? Thanks!!

I am also having same issue.
what are the options I have.

Thanks for your help