Valid H1B Visa but Petition and I94 Expired

Hi, My H1B was stampped in 2010 for 5 years and has validity until 2015 but my Petition End date was June 2013 and so was I94. I am currently in India. Please let me know if its possible to travel on same H1B or do I need to file a new one in April 2014. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


You do NOT need to go through the quota. Your employer has to file for a H1B extension for the same petition. Alternatively, any other employer can file for a H1B Transfer. Read H1B Visa Transfer Information

U can travel on the Visa, as it is valid. However U need the client letter and all supporting documents which might be asked at POE. Also the reason for not using H1B. Consult ur Employer/Attorney and plan accordingly

Another option U have is to file Cap-Exempt petition from another employer