Vacation to US during Reset period


My Wife was on L1-B Visa for 3 years which got expired and she left for India on April 4, 2013. She is working as a manager and her employer will now be applying L1A for her. It will be beneficial for us as she will be elligible to apply GC in EB1 category. We need to reset her period of 1 year outside US.

Question 1. During her period of working outside US, she came to visit me on vacation (to US) on H4 VISA for 24 days. Will these many days be reduced from her clock of 1 year, and she needs to spend 24 more days post April 4, 2014?

Question 2. Can she file for L1-A application in her 11th month of outside US Stay (but travels only after full 1 year completion) and still be eligible for GC in EB1?

Please advise