Using existing stamped visa for entry with a different petition

Hello - I had a question…I got H1B stamped in India for company A but I travelled to the US using company B’s petition and the same stamped Visa with company A (changed companies thru new H1 petition for company B while I was in India)…Now I want to visit Canada for 5 days and come back to the US…Can I use the same stamped Visa (with A) but the petition with B again…at the port of entry while coming back?



Yes, you can do that as long A’s visa stamp has not expired.

It seems you transfered the petition while in India and even before you entered US w/ A. Is it possible for you to send us a small write-up about this experience of yours? A lot of people ask similar question and it will help the general user community.


Hello Saurabh - Thanks for your reply. I also had the same thought of using the same unexpired Visa for re-entry from Canada but was not sure.

I will explain my scenario here. Company A sponsored my H1B back in 2011 and I got both the petition and Visa stamping done for Company A. In between company B also did H1B with them and sent me the petition papers to India. I resigned from company A and travelled to the US in 2012 for company B having the two most important documents which are as follows: Stamped visa for company A which was done long before as explained above AND the new petition for company B. I believe the H1 visa in our passports is for the individual and is not company specific and therefore that does not matter as long as one has a valid petition too.

Thanks for the write-up Joydeep.