My petition was approved in April this year under [b]H1B cap-exempt quota[/b]. For my receipt number the USCIS site still shows TAB as "DECISION" & not "POST DECISION ACTIVITY". What is the difference between the two? When will my status change to "POST DECISION ACTIVITY". Is it something to worry about?

My petition shows start date as first week of April 2013.

post decision activity means after your application is selected all ur documents also perfcet and your application is approved

If the petition was approved in April, you must have received the approval copy by now. It doesn’t matter whether the online status is in decision or post decision activity. All that matters is that you have the approval notice.

Thanks a lot Saurabh!! I received my approval notice copy in the month of April itself immediately after it got approved. But just wanted to confirm if there will be any issue incase I have to go to India for stamping. Are there any pending formalities to be completed by my attorney or USCIS for my case?

There are no more formalities left. There is always a chance of stamping to run into issues. That can happen even w/ the best of the case.

Thanks Saurabh! I understand that stamping can run into issues for any case. But will this USCIS status also be a reason for my stamping to run into trouble? I have already started working for last one month for a US client through a consultancy so when I go for stamping I will go with approval notice, paystubs etc…

No, the online status won’t be an issue during stamping.