USCIS says 2 pages in H1B application missing. Case rejected/denied

My fiance’ employer has filed for an H1B visa this year and was picked in the initial lottery. Her application was submitted with the timeline provided.

And after a long wait, unfortunately today we came to know that her case has been rejected/denied. The reason which was given says," page 22 & 23 are missing from the application submitted ".

However, her employer/attorney is confident of submitting a complete application.

My question/query here is how can her employer/attorney prove that they have sent a complete application which includes the pages 22-23 as well.

Please suggest what could help us get a positive outcome from this.

I appreciate your time and help in this matter.

Thank you!!

Well, this is subjective. Can be very hard to defend, as it is not electronic…
They can contest and go to court on this, if it is critical. Also, you can write to USCIS again and say that you included in the original package and ask for it again…Talk to your attorney.