Uscis response to Attorney follow up after RFE

The attorney says

Our office spoke to the officer at USCIS. We were provided with no current updates by the Service Center. Our office has created a service request for outside of processing time and we have been asked to follow up after 30 days.

Does this sound true why will uscis ask to follow up after 30days?

Is your case stuck in security check?

I dont know the attorney gave me this information when I asked her to follow up with USCIS

Any idea what could be the case or does uscis ask to follow up?

Well it seems like a reasonable response especially if the case is stuck in security check

Any chances of a positive response if uscis takes more than 4 months to review RFE? Is it normal?

There are others who have been stuck for much longer. This year has been painfully slow. You have the option to upgrade to PP.