USCIS Case Number - Petition return to Consulate

Dear All, My Petition send back to USCIS for further verification after Consular Mumbai interview. Myself & Petitioner both waiting any email or connect from USCIS last 4 months. I have emailed last week to Mumbai consulate & Visa Travel doc for any update. Also it is 180 days over after RFQ doc submission. They have replied to connect with USCIS. While i try to connect USCIS by phone, it is asking Case number to proceed ( all correspondence with Consulate is mentioned only DS160 application number). Please suggest how to find USCIS case number with regards to my Petition. Please also let me know how much time will take to close from USCIS to send back the petition to consulate to proceed.

The verification process between the consulate and USCIS is all internal and I dont think consulate provides any case id. You need to follow up with the consulate and not USCIS.
Talk to your employer’s immigration lawyer and see what they have to say.

Thanks a lot Kalpesh for the suggestion.