UsaVisa for my brother ( he is now in India)

My Brother ( Boga) lives in India, he is thinking to visit USA.

I am his sister, we are live in California,USA.

My husband is on H1B Visa…could you please suggest us…what is the best way to get the USA visa for my brother ( selfsponser / sponsing visa by my husband).and please let us know, what are the required documents we need provide to the VO and what are the question they might ask?

Please let us know!!

Thanks in Advance!!

Your role in the process is to issue a letter of invitation, assuring a place of stay, plans of traveling together within the US etc and incidental medical coverage above and beyond what his international medical insurance will cover. The most difficult approval is for those between ages of 18-29. Those between 30-45 need to show strong home country family ties such as wife and children OR parents needing wellness care. Sponsoring is an open question - if you sponsor, show that you have called him only for 30-45 days. If he self pays, the planned stay should be shorter than 30 days. Sponsoring by you is better as otherwise he will need to show useless documents like Indian bank statement, stable job and property etc which are anyway considered documents of no value by USCIS.

To add, you can check out B2 Visa Sponsoring Documents for Parents, to get an idea. The process and documents are same for parents or anyone applying for B2.