URGENT:- visa appointment primary applicant information visa type is different to that of DS-160 primary applicant and dependent visa type

Hi ,
in the DS-160 form, myself is the primary applicant and my other family members Spouse and two sons are dependents. For all my family members (Including me) under the “Purpose of trip to the US,” visa status, the information is mentioned correctly (H1B for me as primary applicant and H4 for dependents).

On the visa appointment page under the “dependent,” option for spouse, “false” is present. For others including myself and two sons, this option is shown as “true” and the visa type is displayed as H1B for all 4 applicants.

When I contacted India visa customer care regarding this discrepancy, they advised us that we should reschedule the visa appointment. i believe this is because the primary applicant and the visa type (H1B for all rather than H4 for dependents and H1B for primary applicant) are not entered correctly on the visa appointment page.

As a result, myself, and my younger son, who are present in India, may stay here for a longer duration, as visa interview appointments are not available until 2023 as of today incase if I reschedule the appointment.

This discrepancy happened on the visa appointment page because my wife had travel plans and had an active account for the visa appointment page (No appointment was booked but the fee was paid). We simply added myself and other family members along my wife’s account after consultation with visa appointment customer care center and We presumably entered all the information correctly. We are not sure how the discrepancy happened.

Not sure if this an issue that require cancellation of current appointment and book new visa appointment.

Also currently my self and younger son are in India for visa stamping.
My wife and other son are about to travel to India next week for visa stamping.

Not sure if I should go ahead for visa stamping with my younger son if this an issue.
If this an issue not sure if I should ask my wife and son to come to India now for visa stamping .

however for me who is the primary applicant, in the visa appointment page, my visa type is shown as H1 and in ds-160 I am the primary applicant and visa type is H1B. so if I go for stamping with currently booked appointment , I should not face any issue to attend the interview. is this understanding correct?

Appreciate any inputs regarding this and this is urgent. (my wife and son flight tickets are booked on 5th of July for India travel) .

Please guide what is the best course of action that I can take.
thank you.