Urgent - Should I exit the country if my H1 transfer got denied though my h4 extension is in process


Previously I was on H1 and my h1 extension got denied and I exted the country came on H4 and applied H4 EAD and started working

My current H4 and H4 EAD will expire on 12/21 of 2019. And my H4 extention and H4 EAD extension are filed along with my spouse h1 extension package already.

At the same time, my prime vendor is ready to do H1 transfer (from previous employer where I have mentioned above saying my H1 extension got denied)

in premium processing.

My quesion is :
Q1 :

If my H1 got denied again through premium vendor now and by if my h4 is aleady expired by that time(12/21/19), shd I exit the country for sure?

Because I dont have my valid H4 and h1 transfer got denied? OR Can I stay though h1 transfer got denied but my h4 extension is already in process?