Urgent short visit 2 india,is H1 stamping mandatory for change of employer

I need to visit India for 203 days…i am on H1 and recently changed my employer…i have the new H1B approval notice with respect to my new employer…

I have go to india but do not have time (5-6 days to get stamping process complete)…will it be a problem when i return to US on my old H1 stamp(with old employer)…i know its good to have H1 stamped when out of country,but is it mandatory…!!!

Please help advise Gurus…!!!

no not mandatory it all depends on how long is your visa stamp valid.

its valid till 2015

You can just show the Approved perition (I129) along with your stamped visa at hte port of entry. You need not go stamping again. My wife did the same thing.

Sorry I would not be able to do that. What ever questions you have you can ask me here. Do not share your number/email in any public forum

Regarding PoE, please read this:

9 FAM 41.53 N8.4-3 Validity of H-1B When There is a Change of Employer
(CT:VISA-1406; 03-11-2010)
After changing H-1B employers in accordance with DHS procedures for making such a change, an H-1B visa holder may continue to use his or her original H-1B visa for entry into the United States. Upon applying for entry, the visa holder must present the new Form I-797, Notice of Action, evidencing the approval of the change of employer in addition to the visa.

Thnx guys…u guys rock…!!

Thnx snow man

My original h1 holder cmpy…the stamp on my h1 is with original employer…they hve cancelled my h1…wil it b problem

If the H-1 visa stamp has not been canceled in the passport, then you can use it. The previous petition (canceled or not) cannot be used unless you are planning to work for that employer. You can confirm this w/ your new H-1 attorney.