Urgent- SEVIS record transferred to Uni A without issuing I-20


I was on OPT. OPT expired feb end 2013. Now in grace period of 60 days. TO maintain my F1 status, I applied to UNI A and UNI B. Got acceptance from Uni A. Advisor from uni A faxed acceptance letter to old uni and my SEVIS record got transfered to UNI A. I have not enrolled in classes yet at UNI A and the UNI A have not produced my I-20 yet.( I know that I have to make all transfers within 60 days grace period)

Now I am waiting for acceptance letter from Uni B and I would like to join UNi B and not Uni A.

My queries are,

  1. Do I need to request for I-20 from Uni A first to make transfer from Uni A to Uni B?

  2. Can I transfer before start date of program I admitted to Uni A ( I do not want to waste 1 sem at Uni A)

  3. Is it necessary to spend 1st sem to Uni A before transfer?

  4. As Uni A have not produced my I-20, so does that mean I can transfer from Uni A to uni B without I-20.