URGENT- Same Ds 160 number for parents


I scheduled us tourist visa appointment for my mom and dad. While scheduling the appointment I had given the same DS 160 number for my mom and dad. I had paid the visa fees and scheduled the interview. When I look at the visa appoinmt letter I have the same ds160 for my mom and dad but have different bank receipt numbers.  Later I noticed I had to fill a separate ds160 for my mom and I got the new confirmation#. My mom and dad had completed the finger print scanning yesterday and they did not mention anything. Will there be problem with the visa interview. How do I get the ds160 confirmation # corrected in the appointment letter.

You should call the consulate help desk and confirm. It may be as easy as just getting it updated at the consulate when appearing for the interview. However, the consulate can confirm the process.

Thanks Saurabh…

I created a new DS-160 and updated the appointment letter by calling the consulate… My parents also attended the interview and got their visa approved… :slight_smile: