Urgent! Regarding PA

Hi Saurabh,

My PA is on 18th Feb 2013. I have given my brother’s details who is staying in USA (my brother has gone in H1B) whiling filling the DS160.

I am working for a one of the biggest MNC.

Will this information creates any problem for approving my H1B ?

If they are asking any question on this, what answer should I give ?

Please do reply quickly as I don’t have much time.

Thanks in advance.

Your brother being in USA should not impact your H1. These kind of issues generally come up in B1 or F1 visas, that too not always. Infact you did the right thing by not hiding this information while filing DS160.

If the VO asks you about your brother just reply him honestly. Most probably he would ask where is he located and what’s his occupation.

Best of Luck !!

Thanks Ankit…Hope my PA will go fine :slight_smile:

Hi Saurabh,

My stamping is done successfully…I am going to onsite in the 2nd week of March…Got my passport…Really, thank you so much for your help to me and to others…Chak De :slight_smile:

Congrats Deb! Have a safe flight to US.