** URGENT** - Reg L2/ EAD/ SSN...


I have got L1 B and my spouse has L2 visa. We will be travelling to the US shortly.

The plan is that my spouse will take 3 weeks vacation from the current organisation and then apply for EAD and then return back to India for work.

Please answer the below queries as it will be of immense help to clear the prevailing confusion.

  1. Will 3 weeks vacation suffice to apply EAD and finish biometric? (Unfortunately, this is the maximum leave my spouse will get)

  2. If an L2 visa holder is landing for the first time in the US (with an L2), can they apply for EAD immediately? Or should they apply SSN before that?

  3. Is SSN of L2 applicant a mandatory pre-requsite for EAD ? If no, can that specific column in I765 be left blank ? Also, what are the chnnces for RFE because of blank SSN?

  4. Is there any check that the primary L1 applicant has SSN.? (In our case, my SSN and my spouse’s EAD will be applied in parallel)

  5. Is it faster to apply through e-filing (online) OR paper filing (via post)?

  6. Is biometrics a mandatory step for EAD application? - Read in few threads that biometric will not be needed for paper application.

  7. Will biometrics appointment be scheduled earlier if I apply via e-filing or paper filing?

  8. Is there any way to expedite the biometrics appointment date? Can we request the USCIS?

  9. Once the biometric is over, does my spouse need to stay back in the US or can come back to India? If there is an RFE, can that be handled without physical presence in the US?

  10. cost involved for EAD application - is it only $380? Biometrics - should we pay extra?

  11. Which is the preferred mode of payment for paper appln - Check or M.O?

  12. Are the below the only docs reqd?

  • Filing fee – $380
  • I-765 form
  • L1 approval notice of spouse
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of I-94
  • Two photographs

Any inputs/ Response is highly appreaciated.

Thanks a lot!

3 weeks is not sufficient. It takes 45-60 days. I have applied with SSN and paper application. there was no biometrics.

and fee is $380 only. No extra fee.

I applied for my EAD the very next day i landed and I got for biometric interview after 3 months.