Urgent Questions regarding H1B visa

Currently I have H4-visa but I’m not present in US physically. I will join my spouse who is on H-1 B visa by end of August 2014. At the same time I’m applying for H1B visa.

Assuming I get H-1B visa approval. These are my questions:

	Once I get H1B approval notice, what will be my status in US from Oct 1, 2014? Will it be H4 or H1B?

	I want to do some higher studies in US on H4 visa which will be completed by end of Dec 2014. Will entering on H4 and getting H1 approval will cause any issues?

	I want to start working from Dec 2014 not from Oct 2014 (even though I would have H1B approved petition). Can I stay on H4 status till Dec 2014 and change to H1B status after that?

	Do I need to travel outside US and get fresh stamping to change status or can I do within US?

Thanks for the help.
  1. U will be on H4 only, unless H1 filed along with COS and approved

  2. NO, but then U need to go for stamping for H1 after ur studies

  3. U can stay on H4 till December and then go for stamping

  4. U need to go for stamping in this case, because COS is filed along with H1 and in ur case its not possible as U want to be on H4 till Dec