Urgent Question regarding I797 B


I have a general query regarding the I797 B form and it would be very helpful if someone could shed some light on it.

If I have an approved and valid I797 B but never got the stamping, can another employer/petitioner make a new petition citing the older I797 B for cap exempt and essentially giving me the opportunity to get stamping done?

I am really looking forward to your response.

Thanks & Best Regards,


Yes, this can be done. Once the new cap-exempt petition is approved, you can appear for visa stamping through them and then travel to US to work for them.

Thanks a lot! I knew this was the case but was just confirming it. By the way, is there any formal USCIS document or something where this thing is mentioned?

I don’t know any formal link. You can check w/ an attorney for the same.