URGENT PLEASE !! H1 Visa Interview - Asked Contract Paper Employee-Employer

Hi Guys,

I need urgent reply. I gave H1 Visa Interview today. The Visa Officer asked for the Contract Paper between Employer and Me [Employee]. So, I gave the Contract Paper signed with my employer where it’s mentioned that if I leave company within 24months I should pay $10K along with other conditions.

The Officer took all my documents related to employer, my original academic certificates and passport. They told me that they will inform me in 1weeks.

What will the result now ? Shall I get visa ? Does Contract Paper = Offer Letter ? What should have been response from me ?

Due to above mentioned conditions, will I or employer be in certain jeopardy ? Please please please let me know.

I’m in really tensed condition right now. Really appreciate your feedbacks.

He may have been referring to the offer letter and not the employment contract b/w the two of you. I usually don’t see officers asking for employment contract.

If the contract mentions anything illegal, then it could be an issue (like asking for H-1B filing fees). If it is a standard contract, then no need to worry on this front.